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Orders are generally shipped within a week of being placed. Once your order has been packaged you will receive an email with its USPS tracking information and it will be on its way to you no later than the next day.

If your order is time sensitive please reach out and I will do my best to arrange shipping based on the schedule you need. 

For shipping inquires email

Sorrel Den is not responsible for lost packages. Please make sure your order is being shipped to a safe and secure address.


It is my hope that you love your new jewelry! Feel free to reach out with any questions before placing your order to better visualize the products. 

As a small, slow-made business it would be incredibly difficult to accept and manage returned products. Sorrel Den does not offer returns. However, I understand that for unforeseen reasons wares don’t work out as you may have hoped. Exchange for shop credit is offered on jewelry that returns in the condition in which it was sent out and must be inquired upon within 10 days of receiving your order. 

I hold my work to a high standard of quality and durability, however under the rare circumstance that there is a fault in craftsmanship I am happy to repair or alter a piece within 60 days of purchase. Please email with your order number to start the exchange process or to inquire about a repair. Please note that the return shipping cost is not covered by Sorrel Den and is the responsibility of the customer.

Materials + Care + Quality Guarantee

I deeply value the materials that are available to me and do my best to hold my creating process to a high standard of responsibility. My goal with Sorrel Den is to create timeless and durable adornments, using ethically chosen materials and non wasteful practices. I am mindful of the people and places involved in the processing of the materials I use, and strive to support sustainable practices before they show up on my bench. Every piece I make is given the time and respect it deserves to come into creation with the value of quality over quantity.

For most of my work I use high quality sterling silver that is sourced from a reputable company in the USA. I have recycled small amounts of sterling silver and aim to recycle larger amounts as I grow into the skill over time.

All stones used in my work are natural and undyed. Many of the stones I use are sourced from mines in the Western United States and from small scale lapidary artists. Acquiring responsibly sourced stones is an important value to me.


Sorrel Den's jewelry is made to last and be passed on through time with the proper care. Most jewelry incorporates stones with sterling silver. The pieces are strong but stones may scratch or break if hit or dropped too aggressively. Take care when handling pieces and store them in a dry place. Sterling silver develops a natural patina over time. To revive its original luster, it may be polished with fine steel wool or polishing cloth. 

Beaded earrings incorporate thin-cut, natural stones that are delicate. If earrings are dropped or mistreated, the stones may crack or break. I highly recommend wearing the earrings with the backs that they come with. The handwoven beading is strong and fairly stiff. The more the earrings bend over time the more flexible they will become. To retain their stiffness, I recommend hanging them or laying them flat while not being worn. 

To preserve the jewelry's luster, avoid getting wet.

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