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Small batch jewelry made of silver and stone


Sorrel Den is the craft of molding adornments for the body. Beyond a jewelry maker, I am an artist who believes in cultivating a slow and intentional process. I like to think of each piece I create as a journal entry, a reflection of who I am and a raw piece of myself that I can offer into the world. 

Working with metal and stone challenges my hands and my mind, I appreciate the complexity that each project brings to my bench. Often I draw inspiration from the stones that I work with and strive to highlight the unique qualities they hold. Beyond the stones, I take influence from the natural places where I spend my time. My hope is to emulate a small amount of the beauty that I find in the natural world and offer wares that foster connection, pieces that can be passed among the ones we love as wearable heirlooms. 



Sorrel Den Jewelry was founded in 2019 in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. There I lived under the redwoods, nestled among the low growing sorrel. This was the home of my first studio, and the origin of the name S o r r e l  D e n.

Jewelry making began as a creative outlet to incorporate into my everyday life. It quickly became an art that I brought outdoors, packing handfuls of beads and stones to weave together while sitting by a campfire or in between dips in a river. I was drawn to beads for there packability, and to stones for their inherent connection to the land.

Since those early days, my pouch of thread and beads has evolved into a metalsmithing studio in Southwest Colorado. I mostly work with silver and stones. My progression as an artist is continually shifting while aspiring to hold an aesthetic of beauty through the raw and natural.



My name is Jamie, I reside in the beautiful Southwest of Colorado. I am lucky to spend many of my days in my studio working with my hands, playing with silver. I can be a bit of a hermit and let the days get away from me while getting lost in my art. I cherish moments that are spent with the people I love in the places that I love. Hopping on my bike for a  ride with the dogs, a slow stroll into the mountains during the changing seasons. I find great joy in growing a garden, along with the challenge of putting all of its bounty to good use. I firmly believe a meal will always taste better cooked at camp, and whiskey is always best sitting by the glow of a fire. 

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