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Pink Opal earrings in Redwood gift box

Pink Opal earrings in Redwood gift box

A special offering of Pink Opal earrings and a sustainably foraged and hand crafted Redwood gift box.


The earrings have handwoven beading in a soft color palette complimenting this pair of truly unique stones. Raw-cut, natural Pink Opals. Each pair of stones has beautiful variations in texture and color. Dark flecks and hues of sandy green peek through the milky pink background. 


The earrings come inside a handmade Redwood jewely box. My father is a carpenter and brought my vision of these one-of-a-kind boxes to life. From my home in Ben Lomond, he gathered fallen Redwood limbs that would have otherwise become firewood. From the collected limbs he stripped the bark, cut and sanded the wood, added a brass rod for the swivel lid, and finished them off with a rub of linseed oil. The boxes are the natural shape of the limb from which they were cut. A beautiful and sustainable repurposed peice of the forest.


The earrings will arrive in the Redwood box wrapped in natural muslin with dried rose pettals from my garden. This gift was mindfully put together with two sets of hands and big energy from our Redwood forest. A perfect Valentine for a lucky someone or for treating yourself to somthing beautiful.


Earrings Materials:

~ 14K gold-filled ear wires

~ Handwoven glass beading

~ Raw-cut Pink Opals


Please read Materials and Care for information on handling and care of earrings.

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