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Gold Felton earrings

Gold Felton earrings

The Felton earrings are an ode to the gals that call the Santa Cruz Mountains their home. The forest roaming, river swimming, garden tending, tarot card reading, weed smoking, tomato canning, local gals.  Petite gold hoops are the defining quality that set these earrings apart.  A simple elegance that is also functional. The hinged hoops easily clasp on.  These hinged hoops ensure no chance for them to fall off. 


These Felton's are combined with 24K gold-plated beading and natural Picture Jasper stones. 



~14K gold-filled hinge hoops and findings

~Handwoven 24K gold-plated beading

~Picture Jasper stones


Weight of one earring: 6g

Please read Materials and Care for information on handling and care of earrings.

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