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Coconut Jasper Bars

Coconut Jasper Bars

Bar earrings, a simple shape of delicately woven glass beads. Slowly woven by hand in many widths and heights, but always abiding to their strong shape and angular edges. An elegant adornment. Bars have become a Sorrel Den staple.


The intricate design of the beads within these earrings is inspired by the California coastline, which falls gracefully into the Pacific, an abstract mimicry of the hills and mountains that I call home.


Vivid Coconut Jasper stones complimented with warm white beading.



~ 14K gold-filled ear wires

~ Handwoven glass beading

~ Coconut Jasper


Weight of one earring: 6g

2.75 inch length

Please read Materials and Care for information on handling and care of earrings.

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