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I took up bead weaving as an activity during downtime on backpacking trips in the Sierra Mountains and slow afternoons on the Big Sur Coast. I was drawn to this craft for its pack-ability to bring on trips into the outdoors. The pieces I created, in the surroundings I loved, became souvenirs in the form of wearable art that hold memories of my favorite places. Since those early days, my pouch of thread and beads has evolved into a little studio, where I am lucky to spend my days creating wares inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

At my roots, I am a painter. As the years have evolved, finding the space to paint has not always come easy, but it is without a doubt an art form in which I will always return. My background in painting has greatly influenced my progression as a jewelry maker. I continue to borrow lessons from over the years that I have learned while holding a paint brush.

For the better part of my 20's, I sought out an education in Crop Production. I spent years waking before the sun, tending to small farms eager to learn the lessons of the land. Regenerative agriculture and growing food sustainably, all while protecting the environment, is at the core of my values.

Home for me is the small town of Ben Lomond, tucked within the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Surrounded by the watchful Redwoods, I live among the sorrel that grows below. Here lies my den, where I call home. 




Jamie Bossio

Artist of Sorrel Den Jewelry

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My goal with Sorrel Den is to create beautiful jewelry using quality materials, held to high ethical and sustainable standards. All ear wires, hoops, rings and necklace chains are made of quality 14K gold filled metal made in the United States by reputable companies. All stones are natural and undyed, and many are mined here in the Western United States.

Sorrel Den's jewelry is made to last with proper care over time. Earrings incorporate thin-cut, natural stones that are delicate. If earrings are dropped or mistreated, the stones may crack or break. I highly recommend wearing the earrings with the backs that they come with. The handwoven beading is strong and fairly stiff. The more the earrings bend over time the more flexible they will become. To retain their stiffness, I recommend hanging them or laying them flat while not being worn. To preserve the jewelry's luster, avoid getting wet.

About: About Us
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